Photo booths have become common fixture in social and corporate events these days. Make your photo booth experience unique by adding photo booth props.  These artsy items can spice up any photo booth and make the event more memorable!


Many photo booth rentals have a set of fun photo props. This means, however, that many those props have already used by many groups. Making your own photo booth props means nobody else has used your props. When it comes to DIY photo booth props, craftiness and imagination can really help in creating props. However, if you’re not that crafty, don’t despair. DIY photo booth props are easy and cheap to make. There are also many sources where you can get props.


Different Photo Booth Props Ideas  


The sky’s the limit when it comes to the kinds of props you can use. You can be as creative as you want to be. You can recycle things, or you can buy new ones. You can download templates from websites, or you can start from scratch. Brainstorming for creative ideas is easier if you begin from a thematic standpoint. For instance, if its wedding event, you can a set of props that include bouquet of flowers or veil. For a kid’s birthday party, cartoon characters, animals, and pirates are some of the big hits with kids. The wonderful thing about photo booth props, though, is that you can go as far as your fancy leads you. You can also go random and anti-thematic. You can even combine different kinds of props. If it’s a wedding party, you don’t have to stick to wedding-themed props.  You can also use carnival props, Mexican costumes, or just about anything you want.


Here are some photo booth props ideas:


  • Thought bubbles. Cut out chalkboard into thought bubbles shape. The idea is for guests to write any thoughts they have about the event, friends, or just about anything under the sun. You’ll be surprised at the sense of humor of your friends.
  • Empty picture frames. Use frames that are large enough to frame a face or more.
  • Dressing in character. Put wigs, fake moustaches, sunglasses, hats, masks, and character dresses in a basket. The wackier you look, the more fun taking photos become.


Making DIY Photo Booth Props  


Once you have decided what props to use, the next step is to gather the materials you need. If you are going to make thought clouds, you will need chalkboard, scissors, and chalk. If you are going to use empty picture frames, look for unused frames in your house. You can also ask for friends for frames they don’t use anymore, or scour thrift shops for cheap ones. If you’re going to make mustaches, face mask, etc, you will need a thick cardstock, bamboo sticks, hot gun with candle glue, and scissors. You will also need a guide or template, which you will find many free sources available online. Print out the templates, trace to the cardboard, and cut out the shapes.  When you’re done, glue the shapes to the stick. Now you’re all set to get the party started.