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Choosing a Photo Booth Rental that Gives the Best Value for Your Money

First, what is value?

Value is the return for your investment. It’s what you get when you add together Quality, Service, and Experience into the price.
The reason someone rents a photo booth is to have fun. While you may want to save on fees, what’s more important than getting the cheapest price is getting the best experience, particularly more so because you are most likely to rent a photo booth for a special occasion or a large event. You will want a photo both that blends with the rest of the elements of your party. But how exactly do you find the photo booth rental that gives the best value for your money?
To find out the best, you have to know look for. You must have some standard with regards to the quality of photo booth material and level of service provided. You have to know what’s included in the package. You have to find out the experiences of past customers with the company. Once you have determined the kind of experience, service, and quality that you want, you compare different photo booth companies based on those standards - focus on the best three to five different photo rental companies that you find in your area.
Rate the Photo Booth Components

Whether it’s a wedding, a corporate event, or a birthday party, you take the time and effort to make sure all the elements in your party look good and coordinated. Hence, it matters what a photo both looks like: It should look neat and attractive, or not like an eyesore.
Size of the photo booth also matters. Some can fit two people only, while some can accommodate as many as eight or ten. The larger the booth, the more possibilities for priceless photos. Not only will you have more spaces for doing whacky poses (do a stand-on-hand pose if you feel like doing it), but also you can have small group pictures, which simply adds to the fun. If it’s a wedding, you can have a photo session with all the bridesmaids, groomsmen, your parents, or your closest friends.
The same criteria should go for prints. They should be of great quality, and the cropping should be generous. There are two main things to consider to ensure that you get high quality photo strips: type of camera used (DSLR is better than digital camera) and printer (dye sub printer is better than inkjet). Other things you may want to consider with regards to prints is customizability of graphic design and background. As for photo crop, vertical crop offer more space than horizontal crop.
What will you with a state-of-the-art photo camera or printer if you’re going to get a crappy service? Will the photo booth rental company send someone over to assist you and your guest? Will they customize the graphic design to your event? How quick are they in replying to your emails?
Many companies are only good on paper. The best way to find out if a company lives to its promises by finding out what the experience of past customers with the company.


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